1GAM – February 2015: PolyominosUnleashed

It´s often the same thing with new year´s resolutions: full-heartedly sworn at the 1st January, suddenly remembered at the coming 1st July with a bad conscience, but completely forgotten by Xmas, and finally maybe re-sworn at 1st January of the following year.

One such resolution I was thinking about to make since I discovered the 1GAM site was to make 12 games in 12 months. Therefore I registered at 1GAM, now having my own achievement page over there. In my opinion it is not only possible to do this, but also quite worthwhile. I plan to not only have 12 little experimental gems under my hood after one year but also to have developed a nice custom framework for the Unity3D environment by which I am enabled to quickly engineer stable Unity3D applications. I´ll write about that framework at another time.

So apparently my last months´ 1GAM entry consisted of my small contribution to a GGJ15 game. That leaves me with 11 months = 11 exp games to go. What do I make in Febrary?

I decided to try to extend the well-known Tetris game mechanic in ways unseen before. At least unseen by myself – I am not sure if a similar clone already exists in the deep vast internet space. Well the base idea that extends the original Tetris game is that the tetrominos will not always fall downwards, but also can move in left, right and up directions. And I think I will not constrain the moving parts to only be tetrominos – i. e. parts that connect 4 square tiles – but also parts will emerge that connect more or less square tiles. Therefore I determined the name of the little experimental game to be “PolyominosUnleashed” – polyominos being the generalization of parts that connect square tiles, “unleashed” because the possibilities of the original Tetris mechanic should be amped up sizeably!

Hmm, hopefully I won´t wake up on 1st of July morning with a bad conscience…

the first boarder

Setup of a fresh blog is like being the first snowboarder to enter the untouched snow slope early in the morning. The slope´s surface bears a powder glance and is all white just as the background of my blog´s editor window. And as I type the symbols and lines leave marks on it not unlike a snowboard carving tracks on the frozen hillside. I hope there´s one difference though: whereas the boarder always rides downhill, I sincerely hope all my writing will be a welcome means to transport any reader uphill. Weiterlesen