1GAM – May 2015: Hackman

Hackman Screen1 Hackman Screen5 Hackman Screen2

Play it here: http://jireugi.itch.io/hackman
You are very hungry for vitamin pills that lie on the floor.
Eat as much of them as you can by moving over them.
But watch out! Evil ghosts roam around and will drain your juice if they touch you. If you run out of juice you will die!
Once you ate all pills you will get teleported to another level with even tastier and more valuable vitamin pills!

ASWD – move around
Mouse – look around
Space – hack around
F1 – restart match
F8 – toggle fullscreen mode

(C) 2015 Harry Trautmann (metacozm / Jireugi interactive)
All code, graphics and sound were done by Harry Trautmann except these sound samples:
“Desert at Night” by “kangaroovindaloo” available via CC-BY at http://freesound.org/people/kangaroovindaloo/sounds/138288/
and “Struck By Lightning” by “Cheeseheadburger” available via CC-BY at http://freesound.org/people/Cheeseheadburger/sounds/141529/

Where did the inspiration come from?


1GAM – March 2015: Die, Dice!

Die, Dice! LogoDie, Dice! ingame screen

Die, Dice!

Another 1GAM entry: 3 out of 12, a quarter is done. In a marathon this would mean 10,5 km (of ca. 42) are behind me already.

Background story: Evil dice from outer space have come to destroy humanity. You steer the last remaining starfighter and are earth´s only hope. Destroy all aliens by turning their poison against themselves: “Die, dice!”

Instructions: Shoot dice to make other dice explode. Dice with the same value explode. Colliding dice with different values will shoot back at you!


Where did the inspiration come from?