I try plyGame DiaQ

So among last April´s free “level eleven” plugin offers was this somehow interesting Unity3D plugin: plyGame. It is supposed to be an out-of-the-box system for setup and management of ingame items / inventory, dialogs, quests, characters / level system. Also it comes with some features I am not really interested in, namely visual scripting (called “Blox”) and a screen menu system.

Today I decided to give it a try (version 2.5.8), but wanted to start small. I only wanted to use the feature of quest and dialog management (named “DiaQ“) which is advertised to be usable as a standalone element, i. e. without the plyGame engine. But as it turned out, there is very little in-deep documentation and simply importing the package does not suffice. There is one YouTube video by the package developer that explains usage of it but assumes the user utilizes visual scripting. Especially it does not explain how to setup DiaQ when you don´t want the rest. So I had to find out on my own, and like to explain my experiences a bit. Weiterlesen