1GAM – February 2015 – Polyominos Unleashed is done!

Polyominos Unleashed - LogoPolyominos Unleashed - Title

Last day to submit my one-game-a-month-game. Time to drop the pencil and turn in the papers…

The main idea of Polyominos Unleashed consists of tiles not only falling from above like with Tetris but also from left, right and below.

The desktop versions can be downloaded here:

Different to the 1GAM game of last month I coded Polyominos Unleashed completely by myself. And by coding I really mean programming. Hooking up wires in Unity3D was a very tiny part whereas implementing game design rules in C# took most of my time.

What went wrong? Only little. The worst thing was that I planned to get finished 3 days earlier. But then there were so many little features that I just *needed* to implement, and every now and then small to medium sized bugs emerged that I just *couldn´t* ignore. *Sigh* As someone else said before: a work of art (*cough*) is never complete, but at some point in time it just gets published…

What went well? A little more. I hadn´t the time to implement all the nice never-seen-before features that I initially planned (‘jelly monominos’), and the main idea was not really a fun game as I got it running. The fun factor still isn´t sky high. But at least implementing a few custom levels seemed to make the gameplay more interesting. There are 7 custom ones and 8 generic ones where only the count of polyominos increase.

At this point in time I don´t have a WebPlayer build. Reading from Resources did not work right, and right now I *really* don´t have time anymore to fix that. I plan to correct that sometime later and post a link here, where it will be found on itch.io.

What´s more to say? If you like you can find some ‘crazy design scribbles’ for the game here:
Polyominos Unleashed - crazy design scribbles 1 Polyominos Unleashed - crazy design scribbles 2

…and on to the next 1GAM work of art!