the first boarder

Setup of a fresh blog is like being the first snowboarder to enter the untouched snow slope early in the morning. The slope´s surface bears a powder glance and is all white just as the background of my blog´s editor window. And as I type the symbols and lines leave marks on it not unlike a snowboard carving tracks on the frozen hillside. I hope there´s one difference though: whereas the boarder always rides downhill, I sincerely hope all my writing will be a welcome means to transport any reader uphill. Because this blog will definitely be a transporter – of my thoughts on game development in detail and life in general. For some time now I aspire to build my own little one man video game development company. Therefore I have to consume and process on a regular basis news and views of different parties and people in the industry. I´d like metacozm to become my own personal feedback channel on all of that. And more. Some months ago I realized that in order to dream of the tiniest of all tiny chances to become successful, rich and famous (things all game developers would love to be), I had to change my chosen battle strategy. At first I had aimed at the XBox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) channel to build up some kind of reputation. But to my own shame I had to admit, that even while being warned, my plans and designs were simply too large to be handled by one man in a conceivable timespan. So I found myself to have produced nothing beyond prototype or demo state although a significant amount of time had already passed. Also fall 2010 was the time when Microsoft did some serious housekeeping on its XBox channels, temporarily putting the indie dev channel somewhere in the “cellar” of its UI. It confused me that even by making such small steps an elephant like Microsoft could unintentionally trample upon the commercial existence of a certain number of people. Even though they corrected this error later, I saw that small indie companies had to diversify as much as possible in order to survive. So I sat down to reflect, repent and reboot. Enter Unity3D. It was hailed as successor of Adobe Flash and supports almost all modern games platforms. I decided to give it a try. And started to like it! To that point that I saw a viable chance to transfer my former XBLIG plans of world domination to a much broader distribution channel consisting of the web, Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android markets. Of course the Unity environment has pros and cons of its own, but knowing C# already, the entry barrier was quite small. Yet once again I sought the challenge and instead of making some small webgame first, which would have been reasonable, I went straight for an iOS game – even though small iOS game. Being forced to design for a reduced input means like the touch interface of the iOS devices and having to deal with concepts like iAds and Game Center (even though I use the marvelous plugins of Prime31 for both) and the strict Apple guidelines was a fairly new, but worthwhile experience. Nevertheless that also took precious time. And here I am finally. The last 3 months went like a breeze. I worked long hours to get my first Unity game done and polished: “Calx” (still have to enter it into Apple´s review process, in the course of the next days…). And to refresh my company website. And to start this blog project that I plotted for a long time… (to be continued)

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  1. Hi Harry,
    Hope you remember me! Landed here trying to see what you were upto!
    This looks really cool, all the best with your endevours!

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