Tomorrow: GlobalGameJam jam-game … start!

So it is on again, another experimental game competition is scheduled. This time it´s the Global Game Jam and I have the honor to attend the guys in the Stuttgart / Germany location which is kindly hosted by people from Chasing Carrots.

What crazy game thing will I be hackcoding in this weekend? Don´t know yet… of course it depends on the yet unannounced theme.

Things that I really would like to try out are topics like ‘swarm AI’, ‘dynamic context-aware music / ambient sound system’, and ‘procedurally generated content’. But I´m not sure if that will fit the theme and the upcoming ideas.

But some I managed to decide some things in advance (bye-bye, spontaneity 😉 )

  • I will try to use some timelapse software (maybe Chronolapse). Never did this before… let´s see, what comes out.
  • I will use Unity 4.0 (free).
  • I will have (more or less) proper sleep – means: no all-nighters, no sleeping bag, will go home over the night.
  • If I do not find someone to team-up with that can do sound / music, then I´ll try to compose an ingame tune myself. Will use FLStudio for this. (Only for this purpose I installed Windows 8 on my MacBook using Bootcamp.)
  • I try to do a *proper* brainstorming phase this time – using FreeMind, maybe with paper prototyping, … and some other, dirty tricks I learned from watching rad GDC videos. 😉
  • This time I try to manage the work by using a Kanban taskboard instead of a pure text file. Maybe KanbanFlow. Hopefully the local internet will always work…
  • I will try to update my progress regularly here in my blog.

By the way: do you care to help me as a beta tester? I think a testable version will be available after Saturday 2013-01-26, 16:00 h (UTC +01:00). Just drop some comment here.

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